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passionate about our jobs, accountable to our families. we listen harder, plan better, and then enhance your brand with amazing stories.
We listen. We strive to understand first, before we strive to be understood. We create a baseline and measure from there, aggregating length of view, how many hits, social reach, etc. While we know we can collect data, we also know it is how you use the data that makes the difference.
We use visual learning, game playing, and old fashioned whimsy to create a coherent story sharing approach. We love white boards, giant post-it notes, really any canvas we can sketch out ideas on, and work through the ideation phase of developing your brand’s story.
We create a shared experience between brand and consumer. We do this by implementing your brands story and then we share that across multiple platform’s where each channel tells a different aspect of the story, and is optimized for that platform.
We create quality content. Sounds simple? Its is… but only if you listen, play, plan, and then create amazing content. We use stories to create imaginative brand experiences that engage your audience. We understand the fluid nature of creativity and are nimble enough to let the story evolve.
Who Are We?
We have years of experience working with BIG brands to create dynamic media and rich interactive experiences. We are confident that when you meet us you will find we are friendly, creative and smart. So reach out... we don't bite.

Chris crever


Loves “what If” scenarios and welcomes the opportunity to discuss at great length, most any topics, with anyone willing to participate. Would rather listen than be heard, unless of course you’re my son who defends the notion that homework really is optional. Seldoms sits down for long periods of time. Coaches youth sports. Owns a Production Studio. Avid triathlete. Thinks Jai alai should be an Olympic sport. Constantly questions Dan’s ability to noodle vs. doodle. Just bought a new chainsaw, and it went missing. Sleeps with one eye open.

Dan Self


Mindfulness, yoga, and brain plasticity get him up in the morning. You to…right? "Neurons that fire together, wire together”, is his mantra. But sometimes his mantra is, “ Ummm, good coffee”. Please, thank you, and I don’t know, are not dirty words to him. He'll noodle until the last minute. He also wonders where Chris’s chainsaw went, and suspects John because of his recent interest in hockey masks. Triva: Has a large collection of kidnapped garden Gnomes. You’d be surprised the ransom people will pay to get them back.

John Anthony Hartman


He has been building cross platform media strategies for some of the largest companies in the world. He has a passion for developing not only next generation media solutions but evolving the capacity of story telling utilizing technology as well as human psychology to enrich the media experience. John is also an adjunct professor at Portland State University he teaches a masters course in Transmedia Marketing for the Publishing Industry, a course on Social Media and Advanced Social Media and a course in Marketing for the Craft Brewing Industry.

Creative Partners

Cine Rent West
I Have Robots
Self Productions
Perception Northwest
Graystone Media
Red Door Design
The Dojo Agency

When asked how ads with more creative elements might impact their opinions about a promoted brand or product, participants reported. LATITUE RESEARCH
When asked how ads with more creative elements might impact their opinions about a promoted brand or product, participants reported.-LATITUE RESEARCH
The Happiness Factory transmedia campaign, which manifested the company’s corporate narrative in the form of a fantastical animated tour through a Coke factory.... Coca-Cola has since become a pioneer in the transmedia approach to corporate narrative. In an act of bold transparency, they went so far as to publish it online as their Content 2020 strategy.
And a majority of U.S. households now own high-definition televisions (HDTVs), Internet-connected computers and smartphones. In addition to more devices, consumers also have more choices for how and when they access content. As a result, consumption habits are changing. The rapid adoption of a second screen has transformed the traditional TV viewing experience, with consumers using smartphones and tablets in ways that are natural extensions of the programming they watch. And social media usage is now standard practice in our daily lives—almost half (47%) of smartphone owners visit social networks every day. -NIELSEN
What We Do
At our core, we create content and help you place and manage that content across multiple platforms.
  • Creative

    We offer a full range of creative services to fit your needs.

      -Creative Strategy
      -Story Development

  • Production

    We own a very large soundstage & all the equipment needed to shoot on location as well. As a bonus, we work with some of the most skilled creative professionals in the region.

      -Interactive Development

  • Post Production

    We edit, tweak, sweeten, change, finalize and tweak one last time.

      -Color Correction
      -Motion Graphics
      -2D/3D Animation
      -Audio Mixing /Folie

  • Engagement

    Once were done with everything else, we look at how best to spread your story across multiple channels to reach your target audience.

      -Transmedia Planning
      -Cross Plaform Distrobution
      -Media Buying